Treatment Services

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WHM will provide you with amazing service and excellent craftsmanship when installing your treatment services. With our breadth of experience, WHM is the industry expert you need for your facility.

The Best Service, Work, And Technology Available

At WHM, we are experts on keeping projects on budget and on time. We also make safety a priority to ensure the wellbeing of those who will be working in your facility. In hiring WHM for the job, your facility will be outfitted with the best service, work, and technology found in the heating and plumbing industry.

Sewage Treatment

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We Aim To Support Our Customers With Cutting Edge Sustainable Solutions

WHM understands that effective primary waste water treatment is critical to your plant operations, whether you are discharging directly to a municipal wastewater treament system or treating prior to your own biological wastewater treatment system. At WHM, we aim to support our customers with cutting edge sustainable solutions, minimize their life cycle cost, as well as their carbon and water footprint. We can provide solutions to help meet your most stringent water quality requirements.

  • Academic Chill Plant
  • Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades (3 Phases)
  • Belgrave Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades (Phases I and II)
  • Bergen Point Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Cedar Creek Influent Screens Facility Improvements
  • City of Glen Cove Wastewater Pollution Control Plant
  • Fairfield Village Gardens Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Galleria Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Greenport Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Island Commons Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Kings Park Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Park Meadow Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Ray Street Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Sagamore Hills Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Sag Harbor Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Smith Haven Mall Sewage Treatment Plant
  • SUNY Stony Brook Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Twelve Pines Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Wincoram Commons I & II
Pump Station

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Our Workforce Is Well-Seasoned In Pump Station Projects

WHM is an industry expert on pump station projects. Our workforce is well-seasoned in the pump station industry and will provide you with nothing but the best work and client care available while paying close attention to detail. We also train our workers to follow strict safety guidelines in order to protect the wellbeing of everyone onsite We also use top-quality materials and parts when we work on a project, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the systems installed in your pump station. Check out the list of pump station projects we have worked on below:

  • Brookwood Village Pump Station
  • Bellhaven Nursing Home Pump Station
  • Coram Pump Station
  • Smith Haven Mall Pump Station